M&A WORLDWIDE: Summit in Lisbon

May 28, 2019

On the 4th and 5th of April 2019, Confidentus attended the 30th M&A WORLDWIDE Rainmaker Convention in Lisbon, where gathered an outstanding number of 278 attendees and 103 MAWW members from 40 countries. The convention is one of the largest international conventions in the M&A sector.

The event included a speed meeting session and the following program:

  • A presentation about the reasons why Portugal is a target for international expansion;

  • The most recent trends in the M&A industry

  • A debate on Private Equity and Industrial M&A

  • A debate on Debt and Other Equity instruments for SME

  • A discussion on Family Business succession and the role of private equity and M&A

  • A debate on Ethics and Corporate Governance in M&A transactions, and M&A Best Practices

During the General Assembly, the members unanimously voted for the 2019 budget and accounts.

A new Board was also elected, and Jacques Jetten became the new Chairman. The members honoured three people with a farewell moment: past Chairman (Bjorn Voigt), past Vice Chairman (Çigdem Bicik) and past Treasurer (Isabelle Arnaud-Despreaux).

M&A WORLDWIDE is a network of 43 M&A advisory firms in 45 different countries.

The following M&A WORLDWIDE summit will take place in November of 2019 in Toronto (Canada). More about M&A WORLDWIDE...